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Secure payment

All payment pages of the site www.super-nutrition.com are protected by the certificate of security you can check its authenticity by clicking on the logo>>


Payments by card are processed by the Saferpay system. When you place your order and select payment by card, you will be redirected to Saferpay Secure Card Data which securely saves the card data in its bank-certified data centre. Only non-sensitive data, such as the card validity and cardholder's name, remain on our database

All card and payment-related data are stored in Saferpay's database in accordance with the requirements and storage periods with which credit companies must comply. After this period, which is in principle 6 months, the data are automatically deleted. Saferpay only stores data necessary for the technical processing of payments. Early deletion of data relating to payment and authentication is not possible. Personal data are not stored unless they are required (technically) for the processing of payments. In the case of a complaint or retrospective transaction, the merchant must be able to access the stored payment details. Such information is only available to the merchant via the Saferpay account from which the payment was made. All data are treated in complete confidentiality and will not be passed to third parties.

Saferpay has set the standard for E-payment solutions and is synonymous with secure payment on the Internet. With Saferpay, on-line merchants and cardholders alike can be completely assured of the security of purchases made on the Internet. Businesses across the globe appreciate the Internet payment security Saferpay offers them. Saferpay integrates all popular on-line payment methods through a single interface which facilitates the application of adaptations and upgrades. In addition, Saferpay enables the secure online processing of phone and posted orders.