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Hormonal supplementation

To supplement with hormones is to take control of the body’s hormone imbalances. As well as reducing the risk of deficiency, hormone supplements offer a number of benefits. A hormone stimulant can boost or improve certain of the body’s functions. This is the case, for example, with 7-Keto DHEA, known for stimulating the immune system and promoting weight loss. For its part, Pregnenolone is recognised as having a positive effect on memory. Highly popular, melatonin is recommended for treating sleep problems. Among the hormone products available, there are also hormone precursors with anti-ageing effects such as DHEA, which can be converted into progesterone. Why not find out more about our wide range of hormone supplements.

Fat-burning dose of 7-keto DHEA.

54.60 €

60 Veg. Caps
Safest, most effective DHEA metabolite.

33.00 €

60 Veg. Caps
Economic version

75.00 €

150 Veg. Caps
Optimal dose for correcting low levels in women.

15.00 €

60 Veg. Caps
Limited quantity
Economic version !

35.00 €

150 Veg. Caps
Optimal dose for correcting low levels in men.

12.00 €

60 Veg. Caps
Economic version !

45.00 €

150 Veg. Caps
Ultra-fast action for inducing drowsiness.

24.00 €

120 sublingual tablets
Optimal dose - naturally restores good quality sleep and alleviates jet lag.

8.40 €

60 tablets
Higher dosage to induce deep quality sleep (economical size)

25.00 €

120 tablets
Timed release - good for night and early-hours wakefulness.

20.00 €

60 Veg. Caps
The most powerful substance ever tested for memory enhancement

21.00 €

60 Veg. Caps
Limited quantity
Polyvalent hormone precursor. Economy size.

37.00 €

120 Veg. Caps

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We would like to remind customers that an "exception to the rule" - allowing the importing for private use (ie not for re-sale) of medicines or nutritional supplements which are not available in the country in which you live - is a well-established tolerance, sanctioned by abundant jurisprudence in most European countries. This tolerance generally corresponds to a few weeks’ personal consumption. To take advantage of it, we advise you to limit your purchases to one box of each product, and to re-order as often as necessary.
We would nevertheless encourage you to check the legality of these products in your country of residence.