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Nutritional supplements

Choosing to take nutritional supplements is a significant step towards supporting your health and general wellbeing. By definition, a nutritional supplement provides one or more nutrients to prevent or compensate for a deficiency. In fact, nutrients are the body’s fuel. They play a role in healthy organ function by delivering good nutritional support, particularly so in the case of brain nutrition. They contribute to general wellbeing by influencing mood, the endocrine system, stress and sleep. Studies have also identified certain nutrients for their anti-ageing effects and their benefits as nutricosmetics. Why not take advantage of our huge range of nutritional supplements.

A bioavailable form of lithium with proven efficacy

29.00 €

90 veg. caps.
Neurostimulant formulation with Phenylethylamine (PEA)

39.00 €

120 Veg. Caps