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SuperSmart loyalty scheme

Important, long-lasting benefits for our loyal customers !

At SuperSmart® we have a great many very faithful customers who buy a considerable amount of nutrients from us, month after month, year after year. We have always looked for ways to reward their loyalty, particularly through our annual promotions, which are eagerly awaited by many.
Now, thanks to improvements in our productivity, we are delighted to be able to offer an innovative scheme, unique in our industry, which offers customers permanent and increasing discounts on all their orders. 

The scheme is very simple. When you spend: Conditions of the scheme :

The scheme applies to products in the SuperSmart® catalogue, purchased by mail order, telephone or fax, as well as from the website www.supersmart.com and www.super-nutrition.com
- All individuals aged over 18 who are SuperSmart® customers may benefit from the scheme. Companies, organizations and other entities are not eligible.
- Discounts and corresponding amounts spent may not be transferred between customers.
- Amounts spent are calculated with VAT included but excluding postage.
- The discounts in the scheme can be added to the 5% fixed discount reserved for members of "Club Supersmart" (who make all their purchases from www.supersmart.com and thus forego receiving our monthly printed mailings). The maximum total discount is 30%.
- The discounts in the scheme cannot be combined with any other existing discount (commercial, professional, stock clearance, special promotions, etc). Amounts spent which have accrued on otherwise-discounted products do not qualify for this loyalty scheme.
- Acquired discounts remain valid throughout the duration of the loyalty scheme.
- Your cumulative total only takes into account those orders for which payment has been received (for example, in the case of a cheque order, on receipt of the cheque).
- Purchases made through subscription add to your loyalty scheme cumulative total. However discounts do not accrue and only the subscription discount will apply. - When an order elevates your discount band to the next level, the increased discount rate will not apply to that order but to the next. For example, when an order takes the value of accrued purchases up to or beyond the 1000 mark, the 15% discount rate will apply to subsequent orders and only then, when all previous orders have been paid for.
- Customers can check their account status (cumulative totals and discount rates) at www.supersmart.com, by logging-in and clicking on 'My account', followed by 'discounts', or by telephoning +352(0) 264 955 25.
- SuperSmart® reserves the right to modify or terminate the loyalty scheme at any time. SuperSmart® will make all reasonable efforts to give its customers notice should it decide to end the scheme. SuperSmart® disclaims any responsibility, pecuniary, legal or otherwise, for such modification or termination of the scheme.
- The loyalty scheme (and calculation of amounts spent) came into force on 8 November 2005.